Guest Post, Dr Gregory House on Addiction

Today’s guest post is by

Dr Gregory House.

Good evening, healthcare.

The truth we see again and again is that Patients lie. I’ve found that when you want to know the truth about someone, that someone is probably the last person you should ask.  It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what. Embarrassed people lie, stupid people lie, but you know who really lies?


Addicts lie constantly.  It’s like they are ashamed or something.  Or maybe they are afraid that they will be treated badly, or not treated at all.  Or that they will be judged and whispered about by the healthcare team.  Or something equally pathetic.

Janie Harvey Garner actually just hit me with my own cane.  

Ok, yes.  I am an addict.  But I am not pathetic.  I can stop anytime I want to.  Just ask Cuddy;  I stopped for a week on a bet.  I said I was an addict. I didn’t say I had a problem. I pay my bills, I make my meals. I function.

I guess I lie too.

That Janie person told me a sob story that made me want to blog here to ridicule her.  You guys will love this!  She asked this patient like 10 times if he drank.  As if there was any doubt! An idiot could have seen the signs.  She kept ‘gently’ asking him about his alcohol use, and he kept saying none. He actually got mad at her!

And then he started withdrawing and having seizures and she acted like it was her fault! She actually cried. Jeez!

She started being disgustingly sensitive and talking about the necessity of non-judgemental care for addicts.  How you are just one of a line of professionals he will deal with, and his behavior toward health care providers is a product of every professional he comes in contact with.  And other ridiculous drivel.  People lie! That’s all there is to it!123-angry-nurse

She says that addicts who receive competent and sensitive care will be more likely to tell the truth about their substance abuse so they can be properly cared for in the hospital.  She says that better outcomes are possible if the addict is never treated badly by the healthcare team.  She says that substance abuse is a disease, and should be treated just like diabetes.  And that diabetics lie about their diet compliance just as much as addicts lie about their substance abuse.  Everyone wants to be viewed as compliant with care and responsible. They just aren’t.



Until Next time.

Go to hell, 

Dr House

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