Violence against……You

The first time I was assaulted by a patient, I was told that I was not allowed to call the police.

I was a new graduate.  I don’t think I had been a nurse for longer than three months at the time.  The patient was alert and oriented, and angry. I was pretty insistent that I wanted to press charges.  I was told it was against hospital policy.1-10

I have blogged about violence against healthcare workers before. However, I would like to mention the lack of ‘zeal’ by the authorities to prosecute such cases.  Assaulting a police officer is prosecuted with way more regularity.  Why are we less important?

The Emergency Nurses Association is a huge advocate for staff safety. Penny Strachan-Blake is a member of Show Me Your Stethoscope, and an active member of the Florida ENA.  She encourages getting existing legislation changed rather than reinventing the wheel.

I challenge you to find out what your state’s laws are.  I would love to know if they are enforced.  I think this is something we need to address.   This year. I don’t think we can afford to wait.





4 thoughts on “Violence against……You

    1. The problem is not always inadequate laws. The problem comes because healthcare facilities are reluctant to have the charges pressed against to patient/friend/family member. Those charges become PUBLiC Record, Thus they are available to be picked up and turned into news by the media. Which equals “bad publicity ” to the facility and affects the public image. That image is many times more important to the organization than the health care provider who was assaulted. Sad, very sad.

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