SMYS is a pretty awesome Group on Facebook! We are committed to nurse advocacy and education!

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One thought on “SMYS

  1. Im a Texas LVN of 6 years, working in LTC\SNF. Ive been in 3 facilities, and find one immutable truth, they all struggle with staffing. Sometimes its unavoidable, due to call ins, and other times its international, to cut costs. Being heard is difficult, we get tagged as problems when we make complaints. How does staff go head to head with corporate when there is no bridge to the gap? It leaves our jobs in a precarious limbo, and our patients in a dangerous situation. The predicament is we are not allowed to say “im sorry you had to wsit so long, we are understaffed.” Thats a write up, and our evaluations suffer, meaning miniscule raise (not that our raises are ever decent). In short, how do LVNs go about getting Unionized, to protect our rights, while providing for our patients? The TBON is kind of laughable, and DADS nails us to the wall for things we have no say in.

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