This is the blog that does not end

Yeah, I sang that.

I have decided that we need to talk about a few things again….so bear with me.  You know how I go on.

So we have all of these nursing organizations.  State organizations, National Organizations, Unions, Nursing Specialty Organizations…

And nobody works with each other or agrees on anything.  Because they want to be the biggest person in their sandbox.  Or they want to show their members how efficient they are.  Or there is one tiny thing they do not like about the plan so they walk away.nursesunite

This sounds familiar. Like when you are calling report to a floor and they refuse to take report because they are busy and everyone refuses to help them because they are busy and it is like riding ABikeAndYouAreOnFireAndTheBikeIsOnFireAndEverythingIsOnFire.  And you are in the ER and have 4 patients plus 3 hall patients and one is a STEMI….and two are strokes.  AND YOU CANNOT GET RID OF THIS PATIENT.

Yeah. Because we couldn’t just hire a nurse to do admits or something.

Our Nursing organizations are really kind of like that. We have all of these resources and we are not using them because it is a giant contest.

I want to make an offer to ALL Healthcare Organizations.  There are a lot of nurses here.  We want to unite for safe staffing.  We want to help our patients and advocate for ourselves.  So why not just show the powers-that-be our stethoscopes as nurses, not organizations? You can use my spot right here.  I don’t have to be in charge.  I don’t have an ego.

Can we be RN’s AND LPN’s and unite for Safe Staffing? Can we be MEMBERS of healthcare, no matter our discipline and unite for safe staffing?

Will you take the chance that this could be the way we succeed? And that it doesn’t have to be your organization flying solo?

Let me know.






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