Calling all Healthcare People!

You know what I have found out about advocacy and change?

It freaking costs money!

We had to put out an all call today for donations to our foundation.  We need software and web applications and stuff.  I really hate doing that, but I doubt myself and the admin team will be able to finance the grassroots revolution of healthcare ourselves. 🙂

Ok, so this is what you can do.

Paypal a donation to smysOfficial@gmail.comCash-Envelope

Or maybe….Buy this awesome T-shirt 

Or…..Stick a dollar in an envelope and mail it to my house for our Stuck-A-Buck campaign.  My address can be found on the SMYS facebook group.

This campaign is not for scholarships.  We need the above listed items for web development and graphic design. 🙂

All donations are tax deductible.  Ask for a receipt if you need one.





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