Is there a Nurse among your family or friends? READ THIS

Our CEO is a nightmare . My er staff has been cut in half and he threatened to fire me when I submitted a new staffing proposal.

Did you read that?

That comes from a Nurse Manager.  She was threatened with termination for suggesting that the ER be staffed safely.  Can you imagine your spouse, your child, or your friend being threatened for trying to keep you safe in the hospital? No?

It happens all the time.

That Nurse Manager wasn’t even allowed to have a plan.  She was not allowed to THINK. She was threatened with termination for planning for your safe care, coming up with a solution, and submitting a proposal.Count-on-Nurses

You also have to understand that this is actually her job.  To plan for these things. As a matter of fact, this should be her very highest priority.  Nurses are not the most trusted profession in the country for no reason.  Our very highest priority is the safety and wellness of our patients.

However, the CEO has a different priority.  His bonus

Yeah, I said it.  You know I am going to say these things.

I was originally going to post a bunch of situations here. I am only going to post one more:

A New York nurse was fired from a LTC facility for saying that her facility was understaffed on social media.  This facility is a Medicare five star facility.  It was understaffed every single day. There was no way to give medications on time.  There was no way to care for all of the patients in the way they deserved.  Instead of being busy posting an ad for more staff, or arranging agency coverage, they were more interested in creeping her Facebook page.   

Because they want the public to trust them.  And they do not care what the reality of their staffing situation is.  They are willing to lie to you, and Medicare.  However, they are not willing to pay for the staff and good care your grandmother, mother, or elderly relatives need.  patients deserve

If you are the friend or relative of a nurse, you should keep it in mind that some legislation will be coming up in the next year or so that we are going to ask you to support.  Keep an eye out.  We are trying to make you safe in the hospital, because those in charge are not going to do that.  The bottom line is their bottom line.  Not your safety, not your comfort, and not if you are humiliated because you soiled yourself when your nurse with 9 patients couldn’t get there quickly enough to help you to the toilet.

Please keep your eyes open.  Nurses are so terrified to rock the boat at work, that we will need you badly to support legislation to help them….and you.










9 thoughts on “Is there a Nurse among your family or friends? READ THIS

  1. I agree this is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. However, social media is not the platform to announce issues at your employer. Doing so is one of the quickest ways to get fired.
    You are never truly anonymous online, and should never assume anything you say won’t get back to your boss and hospital leadership.
    There are many other ways to get attention to the issues that are much more effective and won’t lead to unemployment.

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    1. The issue here is not the platform she used. I worked with a nurse who calmly told a family on her floor that they were short staffed and was also fired. The issue is that short staffing is a secret and I don’t feel like keeping that secret anymore.

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  2. Awesome blog. It is true that nurses fear retribution for speaking out or up! Many nurses live paycheck to paycheck just like most families, and in most cases they are the top bread winners of the house. We need patients, their families, and the general public to bring this topic to the front pages of all new organizations. In a department we had the CNO work a short shift in our department because a doctor requested that she see what the nurses go through. Well needless to say she came in during an expected “slow ” time for the department. The department blew up!! She followed one nurse for only 4 hours and was amazed at how well the team worked together and was shocked to find out that the ER is usually busier. Needless to say nothing changed. She witnessed firsthand what the staff goes through every day and did nothing to make changes. I the end it did not effect her and her day to day routine so she did not really care.


    1. You can keep your eye out for nurse centric legislation. You can tell the hospitals in your area that you do not wish to be taken care of by a nurse that has to much to do. And maybe you and your friends can come to one of our state capital rallies


  3. I work in a very small rural hospital and staffing is ALWAYS an issue. Most times there is only one RN on the OB floor and one RN on the M/S floor. There was one night when I actually had to call a code on the RN I was working with and had she been the only RN that night, she would have died!!!! I thank God EVERY day that I was there because she is my sister and we had to shock her twice to get her back.

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  4. I was recently a patient in an east coast hospital. My nurses were frequently mandated-that is forced to work a second 8 hour shift at a moments notice. As a patient, and a retired nurse from California where we have staffing ratios, it was a scary experience. My safety was in the hands of a nurse who was working 16 hours and clearly getting more and more tired. Some days my nurses had 8 patients, some days they had 11.

    The staffing ratios used in California have been documented to save lives- if we had a drug that we knew would save lives, wouldn’t we give it?

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