SMYS Etiquette for Dummies, Part Deux

I didn’t think we would be back here so soon, but… we are.

Miss Medical Manners has a column for you once again!kelley

Show me your Stethoscope started because of a very specific thing.  A talk show host being a complete and total asshole.  Instead of emulating that, I would like for you to try emulating Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado. Because she was a lady throughout that ordeal.

So, more rules of the road!

  1.  I forgot to mention, healthcare professionals can vent here! We work in a job that can only be fully understood by other professionals of the same type, and sometimes specialty. If you are offended by vents, scroll past. If you are someone who is not yet jaded enough to understand a vent, please just understand that this nurse needs a damn vent. If you are a person who is not a medical professional and try to start drama on a vent because your nephew’s ex-cousin’s Confirmation Celebrant once had this one thing and you know all about it……. Do not do it.  My patience is wearing thin… You are either here because you SUPPORT healthcare or because you ARE healthcare. Not because you want to BITCH about healthcare providers. Namely US. eat
  2. Also, Hi! I am the founder of this group! My name is Janie and it is very nice to meet you! I understand that this is a big place and all but please take note of your surroundings.  When I get on a post and ask you to stop acting like a jerk, do not tell me to mind my business, or what the group is for.  I know what it is for.  I swear.  
  3. Praying. I pray.  I leave prayer requests up for 24 hours and then delete them because they clog the feed and people are unable to find posts about what the group is actually about. Healthcare.  Other
    Yep, Just liked this pic again. He is so CUTE!

    religious topics are discouraged except as related to healthcare. There will be no discussion about this.  If I delete a post for inaccurate information or ridiculousness after being abused and told I am a heathen a few dozen times, DO NOT create another post about how nobody is going to stop you from talking about Jesus.  At that point, because I am a pretty smart gal and I am developing a short fuse, I will assume that means that you want to start another group and immediately ban you.  I am done.  ALL healthcare communities that I am aware of do not allow even the mention of religion.  If I continue to be abused because I allow it, I will disallow it.  Thanks.







8 thoughts on “SMYS Etiquette for Dummies, Part Deux

  1. Thanks Janie for keeping the place how you originally intended. There’s a reason it has stayed such and active place. I know the work it takes for you and the other admins to manage over 600,000 of us.

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