SMYS ETIQUETTE for dummies. And you. 

Yes, I said it.

Lots of exciting things happening this week behind the scenes. Working on NCLEX Prep stuff, working on Safe Staffing stuff, working on a totally different side project. I am a busy girl! Of course, Jalil Johnson is a hell of a lot busier, and better at being busy. Jalil is the admin who keeps me sane, and gets most of the ‘other’ work done. More on that later!

I have noticed that you guys seem to have divided yourselves into two camps. This is not good.  There are those of you who feel like you should correct everything everyone else does because you are SuperNurse, and those of you who feel like you are going to throat punch SuperNurse.


there was no point to this picture. i just liked it.

So, a few rules of the road here at SMYS:

1. I forgot to mention…..it’s Christmas…..I gave the INFECTION CONTROL POLICE THE DAY OFF. Forever. It is none of your business if someone is wearing acrylic nails, smug girl. Put a sock in it. They do not work for you.

2.  We ask that our members follow their employer’s social media policy. So essentially, I also gave the HIPAA police the night off forever. On the SINGLE occasion we had an actual questionable situation, we deleted it. We got this. Also, They do not work for you.

3. Most of the people here are college-educated. Some people do not spell very well. It is rude of you to point it out. So, I also gave the spelling and grammar police the night off forever. If you point it out in a public forum, you are a JERK. If you really feel like someone will benefit from your teaching and not be upset, send a PM. You are not responsible for their spelling or grammar, because they don’t work for you.

Do you see a trend here?

I am pretty sure that Nurses eat their young because they never get a lunch break. 





14 thoughts on “SMYS ETIQUETTE for dummies. And you. 

  1. I thought this was said perfectly, It was funny but got the point across… unfortunately I think you need to post it on the group page DAILEY since these specific groups will need to hear it more (they have the “I’m better than everyone else personality” Soooo post it on the paticular post of these groups might go a little farther! I got your back on this! HAPPY HOLIDAYS
    💜 Holly ER/Trauma RN

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  2. I have to say I love this site. I have fun reading it daily. Ok if I’m being honest I’m addicted. I sit and giggle and laugh out loud I am sure some people think I’m nuts laughing out loud. The first time I posted something on here I was attacked by a few people saying was fake etc etc, and I have to say I had some amazing people come to my defense. That person apologized and delete their post. I really like how so many are so supportive. It’s the way nurses should be. We should be there for each other and encourage each other. So thank you. And I have to agree 100% about your post.


  3. I’m glad they don’t work for me 😄. They may have excellent skills but their people skills are beyond time consuming. As a former manager, I would always hire the nurse with excellent people skills over the nurse with extensive experience and poor people skills. I can teach skills, I cannot teach getting along with others. I have 2 adult children in their 30s, been there done that.

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  4. I’m really pleased that you have posted this information. I really love reading all tha goes on in the Nursing world. I’m looking forward to see if we can truly accomplish the goals we have set forward. Thank you for your great work both in creating & maintaining this wonderful site.

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