Janie and the Holy Shovel

SMYS can only be described as ‘lively’ on holidays.  Everyone got engaged, everyone cooked, dressed in kooky outfits for work…. We posted about a zillion pictures of healthcare professionals around the world…..WHICH WAS AWESOME! Some of them were most definitely NOT celebrating Christmas because to do so in their country means 100 lashes and 10 years in prison. 

Think of that.

false-eyelashes-party-makeu (1)
Not THIS kind of Christmas Lashes

We all wished each other Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy happiness.  And then December 26 rolled around.  And apparently you guys get in trouble when you don’t work enough.

Someone who is not religious posted an anti-religion post.  And instead of scrolling past like adults, you stopped to leave the obligatory “OhMyGodHowDareYouAttackJesus” post, called names, and gave the snarky and passive-aggressive “I’ll pray for you” response.  

Having said that, the OP knew exactly what she was doing.  I am quite sure she sat back and giggled, as I furiously deleted comments below a certain level in the post, and begged you to stop.  And you wouldn’t.  And I was told over and over how I should stop deleting all the deadly insults and profanity being posted.  As if.

I then banned religious and anti-religious posts from the site.  And we lost about 300 people.  And I was called a Nazi multiple times.  And other choice words that Christians don’t generally call each other at my church.

Holy Shovel.  Credit Sharyn Shepherd

It is possible that you don’t know this.  But EVERY decent healthcare site does not allow discussion of religion for this very reason.  Because nobody is going to change your mind about religion, you are not going to change anyone else’s mind about religion, and it is a source of division.   And you can’t leave religion alone.  You feel like you are somehow protecting Jesus. Newsflash: Jesus is a badass.  While nobody expects you to DENY you are a Christian, it is perfectly acceptable to ask you to limit the religion talk on an internet forum.  Nobody is banning anyone for a ‘praise God’ in their post.  However, fighting about religion is NOT HAPPENING. EVER.

You will notice that I am addressing Christianity here.  That is because no other religion involved with SMYS appears to feel like they have a right to ram it down anyone else’s throat.  I say this as a Catholic, so no lip, ‘k? And as I previously said, no beating anyone over the head with your holy shovel to get your point across.

Back to uniting healthcare.  3-2-1…..GO!










10 thoughts on “Janie and the Holy Shovel

  1. Love you Janie… Love the graphic…. And I definitely agree… zealotry in any form disgusts me… Those you are persecuted for their religion and those who want to use a golden shovel to force it down another’s throat or a holy club to knock one over the head…..thank you thank you…. Now back to uniting healthcare🌹🌹🌹

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  2. I was always taught you don’t discuss religion or politics in “polite company”. Which I would think means people you don’t know well! Thanks Janie for more wonderful insight!

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  3. Being the admin of SMYS is like herding cats. Thank you Janie for giving us your time, your thoughts and your energy. Maybe some people will come back to what this group was originally set up to be. How quickly we forget that our profession is looked upon as one of caring, compassion, honesty, and integrity if only we could show that to our own all the time and not just some of the time.

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  4. I still don’t understand why it was ok for the op to make an anti religion post in the first place. There is a big difference between a pro religion post and an anti atheist post. I am sad that pro religion posts were banned.


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